Choosing a BERG ride-on car means you're giving your kid more than just a toy — you're offering them a rich developmental journey.

These cars are like a secret sauce for boosting motor skills, enhancing hand-eye coordination, and mastering the art of balance and stability.

Forget the old-school wooden ride-ons; BERG's versions are made with premium hard plastic.

Light yet sturdy, they're easy for tiny hands to control and are built to last, showcasing BERG's dedication to top-notch quality.

Each model is packed with features that promise endless adventure and fun. Thanks to BERG's innovative design, kids enjoy the freedom to zip around with ease.

A smart design that pairs a wider front with a slim back means pushing off and moving forward is a breeze, without any pesky interruptions.

And let's talk about the adjustable saddle – it's a game-changer, perfectly fitting your child as they grow from 1 to 3 years old, without the constant hassle of adjustments.

In short, a BERG ride-on car doesn't just entertain — it supports your child's growth, keeps them safe, and guarantees a ton of fun, making it a beloved part of their play arsenal for years to come.


The BERG ride-on cars are a game-changer for little adventurers. Picture this: the BERG GO², popping in all sorts of bright colors, comes with a clever trick up its sleeve—foldable pedals.

When first starting, your kiddo can scoot around, focusing just on getting the hang of balancing and steering, no pedals to worry about.

Then, when they're feeling bold and ready for more, flip those pedals out, and bam!

The ride-on car turns into a pedal car, just like magic. And if you're all about pedal-free fun but still want something cool and interactive, the GO Twirl is your go-to.

BERG's smart design means these cars grow with your child, adapting to their ever-changing skills and needs.


The BERG GO Twirl isn't just any ride-on car; it's packed with extra fun!

Hidden inside are special turntables with colorful balls that are sure to grab any little one's attention.

It's not just about riding around; when they hop off, there's still plenty of playtime with these cool, spinning toys.

This makes the GO Twirl perfect for both active adventures and playful pauses.

It's all about making sure the fun never ends, whether they're cruising or chilling.

That's the BERG way: always finding new ways to keep smiles big and adventures exciting.


BERG's ride-on cars come in vibrant, cheerful colors, ensuring there's a perfect hue for every child, regardless of their preference.

From classic shades like pink, blue, and mint to nostalgic retro options such as retro green and retro pink, and even the fiery Sparx Red, the choices are as endless as they are exciting.

There's always a color that will catch your child's eye and become their new favorite ride!


The BERG GO² is an award-winning marvel of design and functionality.

Garnering accolades from the prestigious Red Dot Design Awards, IF Awards, and German Design Awards, the BERG GO² stood out among a global pool of entries, clinching the win in the "Excellent Product Design: Baby and Child Care" category.

These awards are a testament to the GO²'s exceptional appearance, its ability to resonate with modern trends, and its appeal to both German and international audiences.

Our commitment to high quality and innovation was recognized and celebrated, making us incredibly proud recipients of the German Design Award!


  • Fosters Child Development: Engages and promotes your child's learning process, including walking and pedaling skills with the versatile BERG GO², which functions both as a ride-on and pedal car.
  • Enhanced Stability: The design features a broad front and four wheels, ensuring extra stability for safe riding.
  • Award-Winning Designs: Eye-catching and award-winning aesthetics make each ride an adventure in style.
  • Grows with Your Child: The innovative saddle design adjusts as your child grows, ensuring years of fun without the need for manual adjustments.
  • Smooth Riding Experience: Equipped with ball bearings in both the pedal and rear axle for effortless pedaling and maneuverability.
  • Customizable with Accessories: Personalize your ride-on car with a variety of add-ons like a push bar, safety flag, and carrying strap for enhanced convenience and safety.

Whether you're undecided about your next ride-on car purchase or looking for a toy that combines fun with developmental benefits, the BERG ride-on car stands out as the perfect choice.


The BERG GO ride on car, from as young as 1 year of age!

On the lookout for awesome toys for kids starting at 1 year old? Look no further than our BERG GO ride-on cars!

You're getting a fun and developmental experience for your little one.

With a BERG GO ride-on car, your baby or toddler will have a blast exploring their surroundings.

Plus, our ride-on cars are great for both outdoor adventures and indoor fun, ensuring playtime never has to pause.

Why a BERG ride on car?

BERG ride-on cars are a key player in your child's developmental journey.

They're designed to enhance motor skills, hand-eye coordination, balance, and stability.

At BERG, we skip the wooden models and craft our ride-on cars from durable, lightweight plastic for top-notch quality and ease of use.

Starting from 1 year old, kids can enjoy these uniquely designed toys that come loaded with extra features.

Every BERG ride-on car is ergonomically shaped to ensure kids can move freely and comfortably.

The smart design, featuring a narrow back and a broader front, lets kids push off smoothly without any hindrance.

Plus, the stability offered by four wheels means tipping over is almost out of the question.

With an adjustable seat that grows with your child, these ride-on cars are perfect for 1 to 3-year-olds, adapting as they grow without the need for constant adjustments.