At BERG, we're all about empowering your outdoor adventures — whether it's jumping, driving, or flying, we fuel your quest for joy.

Our mission? To help you find your limits and push beyond them.

We help you embrace the freedom of the outdoors, clear your mind, and invigorate your soul through motion.

Your BERG is your partner in every leap and sprint, ready to challenge you to go faster, soar higher, and push beyond.

With BERG, you gain confidence on the roughest paths and feel the warmth of home under the open sky.

Our products are designed to grow with you, ensuring they never let you down, across a lifetime of adventures.

Welcome to the world of BERG. It's yours now.

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Safety First — Every BERG product is a testament to our commitment to safety, featuring the finest materials, ergonomic designs, and extensive testing. This ensures you not only have a blast with your BERG but do so for many years, worry-free.

Sustainable — Our vision is to hand over a healthier planet to our children. By choosing BERG, you're investing in a product that's produced responsibly with minimal environmental footprint. Our commitment is also recognized through the prestigious Silver Cradle to Cradle certification for many of our go-karts.

Innovative Design — While functionality is our core, we never compromise on style. Our dedicated team of designers works tirelessly to ensure your BERG reflects the best of modern innovation and aesthetics.


Born on the edge of the expansive 'De Veluwe' nature reserve, BERG was inspired by the daily sight of cars and tractors bustling about.

Then, he got fed up with walking and wanted four wheels too.

This dream took shape in a humble shed, where, after months of dedication, his vision came to life.

With the wind teasing his hair and a triumphant smile, young BERG took his homemade go-kart for its first spin.

This drew envious glances from the neighborhood kids as they all wanted a piece of the action too.

It was clear then — there's a bit of BERG in everyone.

That spark of adventure, that yearning for freedom, led to what BERG is today: a chance for you to embrace your inner explorer.