Thinking about adding more excitement to your backyard?

Our In Ground and Low Ground trampolines are just what you need. They're made to fit right in with your yard, giving you that sleek look while keeping things safe and easy to hop on.

If you're torn between the two, here's the scoop: In Ground trampolines peek just above the surface, offering a hint of what's below, whereas Low Ground trampolines are all about that flush-with-the-grass vibe, practically inviting you to jump in.

And the best part? Every series we offer has an In Ground model, making it a breeze to pick one that'll make your backyard the place to be.

Dive into our diverse range of trampolines here.


Discover BERG Trampolines' Safety and Quality

Ready to leap into a world of endless fun? Before you do, let's talk safety, because nothing matters more when choosing the perfect trampoline for your backyard.

Hailing from the innovation-rich lands of the Netherlands, BERG brings top-tier craftsmanship and a knack for breakthroughs right to your American backyard.

Our focus? Making sure kids (and adults, we see you too!) have the safest blast outside. Dive into the BERG experience and find out why families across the U.S. trust us for their high-flying moments.

Which jumping mat is the one for me?

Ever wonder why bouncing on a trampoline feels so exhilarating? That moment of weightlessness, soaring through the air, is unmatched!

The secret to that perfect bounce and gentle landing? The jumping mat.

At BERG, we cater to every jumper's dream with options to fit every style. Choose from our standard mat, the enhanced AirFlow mat, or the elite AirFlow Pro mat.

Which trampoline springs are right for me?

Whether you're doing flips in your backyard or just enjoying a leisurely jump, the right springs make all the difference.

BERG offers SoloSpring, TwinSpring, and TwinSpring Pro options, tailored to each trampoline model.

So, no matter your bouncing style or trampoline choice, we've got the springs that'll launch you into that awesome, weightless adventure.

What should you look out for when you want to buy the best trampoline?

Decided to add a trampoline to your backyard fun? Awesome choice! But with so many looking alike, how do you pick the best one?

It's all in the details — from the jumping mat to the spring cover (yep, that's the protective pad) and the springs themselves.

Quality and reliability are your best buddies here. But navigating through these choices can be tricky. So, what's the secret to spotting a top-notch trampoline?

When eyeing a BERG trampoline, keep these key features in mind.

What should I do with my trampoline in winter?

When winter rolls around with its chill, snow, and frost, it's crucial to shield your trampoline from the cold.

We suggest bringing your trampoline indoors for winter if possible. It beats leaving it out in the harsh elements.

If taking the whole trampoline apart seems like a hassle, at least clean and dry the safety pad and store it inside.

Don’t forget the safety net, too; it'll last much longer if stored away.

While it's tempting to enjoy a snowy bounce, for safety's sake, it's best to pause the jumping during winter.

Wondering the best way to prep your trampoline for the cold months? We'll give you some handy winter care tips!

How should I dig in my In Ground/Low Ground trampoline?

An In-Ground (or built-in) trampoline is your go-to for a sleek, ground-level bounce area. Whether you opt for a BERG InGround or Low Ground model, both are designed to enhance your yard's aesthetics by being less intrusive and aligning close to or with the ground.

This design also makes entering and exiting safer and more convenient than elevated trampolines.

For a smooth installation, we've got a step-by-step guide to help you dig in your trampoline found here.

What shape is best for me?

Picking the right trampoline shape is crucial for your jumping experience and how it fits into your backyard.

At BERG, we offer round, oval (Grand), and rectangular (Ultim) trampolines, each with its unique advantages.

While all our trampolines promise an exhilarating bounce, the shape affects the 'sweet spot' for jumping and how the trampoline occupies backyard space.

Before making a decision, consider the size of your outdoor area and your jumping style preferences.

Whether it’s the classic round, the spacious oval, or the performance-designed rectangular, BERG’s diverse range ensures there’s a perfect fit for every family.

And for those looking for something a bit different, our square models offer the same perks as the rectangular ones but with a unique twist. Explore the features of each to find your match.

Jump safe with BERG's enclosed trampolines

Safety is key when enjoying trampoline fun, which is why BERG trampolines are engineered with top-notch safety features and durable materials.

Our trampolines come with a comprehensive set of safety attributes to ensure peace of mind for parents and endless fun for jumpers.

These include a robust, wide spring cover made from long-lasting material, a jumping mat that extends over the springs to prevent feet from slipping through, and a superior Safety Net that stands tall and firm.

Additionally, our trampolines feature nets with a safe distance from the poles, self-closing entrances for easy access without compromising safety, and attachments at the top designed to absorb impacts gently, reducing the risk of injury.

What is the difference between an Above Ground and a Low Ground trampoline?

BERG offers a variety of trampolines to match every family's needs and backyard styles, including Above Ground models and Low Ground designs.

Above Ground trampolines are elevated on legs, offering great bounce and visibility in your yard.

Our Low Ground and In Ground trampolines blend in with your lawn for a sleek look, easier access, and enhanced safety due to their close proximity to the ground.

Whether you're seeking the classic fun of a standing trampoline or the aesthetic integration of a Low Ground model, we provide all the details to help you choose the perfect trampoline for your outdoor adventures.

Benefits of a workout on a trampoline

Trampolines aren't just for kids; they're a fantastic way to boost your fitness, too!

Bouncing your way through a trampoline workout is not only a blast but it's packed with health benefits. You set the pace, making it the perfect exercise for any fitness level.

Beyond the joy of jumping, trampolining is a stellar workout that can help reduce stress, improve circulation by increasing oxygen in your blood, and even clear your skin and lungs.

It's a full-body workout that feels more like playtime, making it a fun and effective way to stay in shape. Whether for fitness or fun, trampoline jumping is an exhilarating way to enhance your wellbeing.